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Our Projects

Educational Projects

The main goal of our educational projects is to provide Ukrainians with the opportunity to use this educational program to distract themselves from the constant informational influence related to the war, as well as gain knowledge useful in future studying and professional fields.
We provide conditions for both parents and children to study the languages simultaneously with their children: parents attend English courses for adults according to the above program, and children study English together with their peers according to another program. Our teachers and consultants will help to choose training individually for everyone, taking into account the previous level of language knowledge.

Development of children's sports

We organize sporting-health events and classes for schoolchildren and students of children's and youth sports schools, arrange events popularizing going in for sports, involving people of all ages to adopt and lead a healthful life-style.

Humanitarian aid

Panda and Team” Civil Society Organization employees and volunteers word daily 24/7 to provide the help for Ukrainians in need nowadays in extremely difficult times.
Our organization participates in the provision of humanitarian aid, making every effort to provide food kits, medicines, clothes, and hygiene products to those impoverished by the war.We have success and results in providing assistance to refugees, elderly people, Ukrainians with serious diseases who’re in a difficult situation nowadays. We’ve collected and handed the necessary medicines to the employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, who are working on the elimination of the consequences of the war on the front lines of defense. We are trying to collect such humanitarian aid as much as possible and as soon as possible, because our courageous and indomitable defenders really need it.